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‘Ow, cr** and the police got me runnin’,

the black shades on my eyes,

the mascara tra la la ON! 

followin’ me

beepin’ up right

my black car,

ow I’m having a scar,

cause yo I’m a star!


p.s. this poem type short rap was composed by me when I was only 15. 😀 




Credits to Fahim Sayed Photography!

Credits to Fahim Sayed Photography!

And she vanished into a valley so far, where no one could hear her music within her soul.

Her haters still fancied her, to snatch her traits

and bury them under a grave called fear.

They were afraid of her massive success,

they knew,

she was not only a feminine woman,

but a mere supercalifragilisticexpialidocious immortal lass,

a babe of the Millennium era,

with a huge aim,

huge mission to spread her wings

on the path of those who adored her spirit and beauty.

It’s true, her life really was a graveyard full of buried hopes.

That melodious music in her voice, too,

was heard only by her . . .




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You dance like an angel in the night,
When I close my eyes you’re dancing around me.
Steady keeping my hands from shaking,
I’m not scared anymore my love is yours for the taking.

But tell me, will you make me your queen,
Can I be the queen of everything?
The beauty that turned your world upside down,
And can I be your angel, the one who saved you,
I’ll be your queen, so don’t give up on me.

You ask who I am,
But all I am is all I could not mention to your pretty face.
I’m aching for the comfort; I said I don’t want to be alone,
So tell me lover, Can I be the queen who wears the throne?
You say you spend the night dreaming of my angel face,
While I’m wide awake counting the stars.
I don’t want to believe this is really it,
I want to be someone no one will forget.

So tell me, will you make me your queen,
Can I be the queen of everything?
The beauty that turned your world upside down,
And can I be your angel, the one who saved you,
I’ll be your queen, so don’t give up on me.

When my lips turn pale and cold,
When the sun just won’t give in,
Will you still love me when it’s all over?
Will our love go on forever, like the endless shore,
Your love is all I live for. .
Your love is all I live for. .
I’ll be your queen, so don’t give up on me.



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Long years have past when she was a mere child of two,
For these long years, she wanted a family that would last
For these long years, there was no one to dry the tears no one could see
She was nothing, just a shadow from someone’s past

She was found on someone’s doorstep, she was unwanted.
For 17 long years, she waited, just wanting to be loved.
For 17 long years, nightmares of rejection and hate haunted,
All she could do was wait, looking at the stars and wished

She was just an unwanted piece of trash, just a lonely orphan girl.
Questions filled her mind; Why? Why would they leave her like this?
she began to feel light head at the mere thought, her head began to swirl,
she never once felt the warmth of a loving mother’s hugs and kiss.

Countless times she dreamed of that perfect life, with a perfect family,
All she wanted was to live a life with people who care.
All she ever wanted was to be free to be happy,
But life hasn’t been, and will never be fair.

Life wasn’t easy when you had no home to run to,
Life wasn’t easy when you were an orphan girl,
Life wasn’t easy when there was no one to turn to.
Life wasn’t easy because I was an orphan girl.




I see light in the flight
of birds.
As a waft flows through my frame of anatomy,
I make a draft to show off my craft;
under the pale chocolaty sky that I adore.
The pale chocolaty sky bursts into inspissated spherules,
on the orangish mud that is circumjacent to me.
The waft brushes through my face,
while my countenance blushes a crimson red!

Only then it dawned upon me,

that I must divulge my origin being of stardust and sandy clay;

from an Unknown Land of Ancient roots.


The grieving lover

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Until we meet again...

Does it hurt you to care, does it hurt you to make me happy?
To say you love me, does it take anything from you?
Even though you do and say those things, it doesn’t change who you are
It doesn’t make things harder or easier for you

It’s not going to kill you to make my life a little better before I die
It would only enhance my life, make me feel I’m loved and wanted
That everything hasn’t been a waste. Do you tell yourself it’s worth it?
To give a dying person a little comfort, a little happiness
Even if I did have your love and your heart someone else gets the rest of you

I worry it’s all just empty words and phrases, told to relieve a tormented soul
Pain and suffering are my burden, pain for what I want and will never have
Suffering for…

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Creamy dreamy moonlight

with its softening glow

transcends the stars

in its flow.

* * *

Stitching my wounded
in this midnight behold!

Am already haunted,

by my own shadows~

* * *

In darkness

I find blackness,

the blackness of coal,

devoid of flames. ~

* * *

Am a nocturnal creature



shocked –

yet not flawed! ~

* *  *

Like pulchritude,

my aptitude is dangerous!

* * *

Graves haunt me?

No, people do!

* * *

I used to

have a stroll

in a graveyard..

midnight, but alright.

* * *

Pills could not kill what was already dead,

A twisted soul,

an empty head.


* * *

I died inside so long before,

To live each day,

an endless chore


* * *

In darkness I wait,

in silence, alone,

Rose-tinted nostalgia,

all around me has grown.

* * *

They’ll say I died of suicide,

but no one knows how much they’ve lied.

It wasn’t

a rope,

a blade,

or pills that

broke my soul,

& gave me chills.

* * *

I’m helpless,


a worthless mess,

A broken child,

he must address.

* * *

As each day ends,

and darkness draws.

The devil toys,

with all my flaws.

* * *

This silver blade,

stays by my side,

Because all hope inside

has died.

* * *

Scarlet tears

drip from each vein,

A vehement covet to end this pain.

* * *

Screaming, begging, calling out,

A final, frantic, desperate, shout.

* * *

Fire ablaze within my eyes,

A smile concealing all my lies..

* * *

The tears when fall like a stream of blood on my face,

only then would they remind me of your forever grace…

* * *

Is Heaven an angel,

or Hell a demon?

* * *

Concealing my tragedies in frozen tears inside my eyes.

* * *

Me, a lost, forlorn soul

was walking here by,

that I stumbled across a shadow.

I rejoiced,

extended my hand to it –

but it vanished.

* * *

Her fingers also got hurt,

from what she typed

and wrote to describe

her heart being hurt.

* * *

I fancy

a drink

while my mind

is being chancy!

* * *

Talent sprouts

like a fountain

even at a young age

on a mountain.

* * *


I love the taste of them!

They hook me

and I taste them again.

* * *

Lost between

two worlds

of today

and tomorrow.

* * *

Don’t be a slave of the naive! #monostitch

* * *

Stop the hurt

make me blurt

oh you flirt!

* * *

Her flickering long eyelashes,

glittering and glancing,

while pouring mascara tear rivers.

* * *

Legendary lovers,

caressing about,

under a palm tree.

* * *

I am a seeker

Of truth,


and justice!

* * *

Throw a dice

of sixes

to make some fixes.


* * *

Don’t play

with her shattered,

scattered soul.

* * *

Her pain made her into

A decolourised butterfly

transformed into a moth.

* * *

Like dew drops

on a lotus leaf

I vanish. . .

* * *


I entered the world

Barefoot I leave it.

My coming, my going —

Two simple happenings

That got entangled.

* * *

Gently our eyes meet.

Ocean-blue, wide. Beautiful.

Eyes I could swim in.

* * *

Flowers of love

Carry the scent of ocean within

And hues of passion in the heart.

* * *

Your breath in my ear

Fingertips tracing dragons

A beautiful dream.

* * *

shall I or shan’t I-

in depression’s overcoat,

all is blue with me.

* * *

Hatred ran hot

And then cold

As I stood on

The bridge with

A rope.

Last I jump

It’s a long fall

Though it’s the end

Of it all.

* * *

Hatred turns to

Depression as I hear of your hate,

Which leads to suicide

Notes with consequence.

* * *

Hatred mingles

With anger

When you say you

Love me but

It’s a lie.

* * *

Hatred blooms

As I hear of

All the things

That you did

To hurt me.

* * *

But I will fly still

Hoping that things get better

Hoping not to fall.

* * *

A black butterfly

Flies away searching for a home

But it won’t find one.

* * *

The black butterfly can find no love

In a world of bright and free

It always feels the chains.

* * *

The chains of anger

And of seeping depression

Butterflies can’t cry!

* * *

It is always sad

Never greeted with a smile

Black and

Beauty don’t mix.

* * *

A Black Butterfly

A black mist glides off its wings

It is all alone…

* * *








Where the beauty of the spirit,

meets the beauty of the bones,

is the juncture of the soul to the rapturous music within.

The essence of me is of a peculiar kind,

while the folks are blind.

Blind to the tautness of my alive corse.

I wish my spirit be liberated,

and vindicated,

from the orbit of the vicious vision;

That is my mission,

won’t acquiesce in submission.

Now, the spirit is free –

and so is me!

You wish to slay me,

while I am at bay.

You wish to leave me,

on this eve.

So I shall leave now,

jus so you get pleased now,

and to make you relieved now.


I will grieve now,

just to relieve you.

I will achieve now,

just to make you believe now.

I do disbelieve you,

but you perceive me to deceive you.

So let me just reprieve now,

for my retribution,

which is my solution

to embrace a revolution..