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While it is normal to occasionally feel sad, when a person has major depressive disorder, they experience a severely depressed mood that can remain for years at a time. This is often referred to as depression, which can interfere with daily functioning and cause distress for both the person with the disorder and their family. With an estimated 16 percent of adults suffering from depression, according to the National Institute of Mental Health, cases of depression are by no means isolated.

With everyone from doctors to therapists to herbal specialists chiming on the subject, reading more about depression can help both patients and caregivers make better decisions. If you are high in desire to learn but low on the wallet, there are options. To help out, I have gathered the below top 25 free and useful eBooks about depression. They are authored by everyone from licensed therapists to those who have suffered some type of depression.

Top Free and Useful eBooks About General Depression

  1. How to Survive the Loss of a Love
    Because there is nothing more saddening than the death of a loved one, stop here. This book by three professionals has been read by over two million people. All 67 parts are available to read with just a click and the part on Understanding Loss is a good introduction.
  2. How to Heal Depression
    Harold H. Bloomfield and Peter McWilliams return in this book on depression. Four parts include understanding depression, healing the brain, healing the mind, and continuing healing are all shared. You can also learn more on how St. John’s Wort is used in the treatment of depression.
  3. You Can’t Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought
    Because everyone is susceptible to negative thought, not just those with depression, click here. The book is intended for people with any life threatening illness. Chapters include the disease, the cure, and even the three steps to positive thought.
  4. A Collection of Poems About Depression
    If you or someone you know are suffering from depression, it can be easy to feel alone. In this collected work, the author shares poems made in the 90’s when suffering from depression. Peter Stone shares about ten years’ worth of experience battling the disease.
  5. Cure Chronic Anxiety and Depression
    Think you may have either? Then check out this free eBook from Sarah Shikitao-Brown. Natural happiness is also a topic of the book.
  6. Help for Anxiety, Phobias, OCD, and Depression
    Because depression can also come with other mental health problems, have a read of this book. Terry Dixon gives insight into anxiety-related problems and how to deal with them. It also provides information that can be helpful for leading the reader toward a better understanding of the causes and cures for anxiety-based problems.
  7. Meditation and Depression
    Get an academic view of depression with a visit here. Willoughby B. Britton of the department of psychology at the University of Arizona is your author. Chapters are on a prelude to medication, the reversal of depression, the physiological effects of mindfulness, and much more.
  8. Understanding Depression
    Visit here for more of an online guide than traditional eBook. The folks at Help Guide feature basic information such as the signs, symptoms, causes, and help for those with depression. There are also loads of useful links on the topic.

Top Free and Useful eBooks About Psychology

  1. Online Self Help Psychology Book
    Licensed psychotherapist Thayer White authors this book for people with mental health changes in their lives. He argues that individuals can do 90 percent of therapy themselves. Chapters include creativity, weight loss, emotion, men and women, along with many other topics.
  2. Dream Psychology
    You don’t have to be an expert in psychology to recognize the name Sigmund Freud. One of the founders of the science authors this very book on the topic. Visit here to get it as HTML, Kindle, plain text, and more.
  3. Studies in the Psychology of Sex
    Is sexual frustration the cause or downsides to your depression? Then check out this free, popular choice from Havelock Ellis. There are several parts, all of which are available for free.
  4. Psychology and Achievement
    The thought of unfulfilled goals can be depressing to anyone. This free eBook by Warren Hilton examines this very thing. Wasted effort, wasted money, usefulness, and other topics are explored.
  5. Hierarchy of Needs
    Because everyone has several needs, see which are most important to you with a read of this book. Abraham Maslow is considered to be the father of Humanistic Psychology and author of this eBook. There is even a diagram of needs included which is often referred to in psychology.
  6. Classics in Psychology
    Get historical essays on the topic from 1855 to 1914. Many psychology students and experts often read this text as part of their studies. Emerging topics such as methodology, analyses, individual experiences, and more are all featured.
  7. Elements of Psychology
    Similar to the above, this text is often read by students and doctors of psychology. It was written at about 1923 and has been reconstructed for the modern day. Over 250 pages are available to read.
  8. The Conundrums of Psychology
    Sam Vaknin writes on the many problems of psychology. They include normal personality, the myth of mental illness, history of personality disorders, and many more. You can read the entire thing online or download from Scrib’d.
  9. Just Stop Having Problems, Stupid
    Sick of all the “psycho-babble?” So was Dr. Matt, a self-professed fake doctor who takes on realistic problems in a realistic way. Five outrageous chapters include “How to Compare Russell Crowe and Stone Phillips.”

Other Top Free and Useful eBooks About Depression

    1. Hypericum and Depression
      What is hypericum and how can it be used to treat depression? These and other questions are answered in this free eBook. It also includes summaries of medical studies done on the treatment.
    2. The Dark Side of Sleeping Pills
      We all may have turned to sleeping pills at one time or other. However, Dr. Daniel Kripke discusses them in detail and the risks associated with them. Better alternatives are also looked at.
    3. Brighten Your Life
      Dr. Kripke returns again in this free eBook. It is about how sleep can be used as a treatment for depression. How light is used in modern days takes center stage.
    4. A Book of Infinite Possibilities
      Melody Bass shares just what the title promises. She discusses how to focus on changing your thoughts, loving your life, and learning the art of trusting. Readers even stopped into comment on their approval of the book.
    5. Dream Interpretation as a Science
      Is a cigar a cigar? Your dreams can give you more insight to your depression or mental state than you think. Christina Sponias take on the topic in this free 86 page excerpt of her book.
    6. An Amateur’s Guide to Spirituality
      Could spirituality be a treatment for your depression, but you don’t know how? Then check out this guide from Ella Roberts to get the opinion of someone of the same mind set. She knows what is like to be lost spiritually and to ask the questions that need answering.
    7. Mother Teresa: A Biography
      Learn more about one of the most adored figures of our times. The book follows the journey of Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu from her humble Albanian birth to worldwide celebrity as Mother Teresa. All 174 pages are available as a PDF.
    8. 101 Motivational Quotes
      Finally, if you just need some inspiration, click here. Steven Grabek shares quotes from society’s greatest thinkers in this free eBook. It also tackles the loss of motivation and procrastination.

The above top 25 free and useful eBooks about depression are for educational and entertainment purposes only. Please consult a licensed physician or therapist if experiencing depression or before making changes to any medication plan.



Creamy dreamy moonlight

with its softening glow

transcends the stars

in its flow.

* * *

Stitching my wounded
in this midnight behold!

Am already haunted,

by my own shadows~

* * *

In darkness

I find blackness,

the blackness of coal,

devoid of flames. ~

* * *

Am a nocturnal creature



shocked –

yet not flawed! ~

* *  *

Like pulchritude,

my aptitude is dangerous!

* * *

Graves haunt me?

No, people do!

* * *

I used to

have a stroll

in a graveyard..

midnight, but alright.

* * *

Pills could not kill what was already dead,

A twisted soul,

an empty head.


* * *

I died inside so long before,

To live each day,

an endless chore


* * *

In darkness I wait,

in silence, alone,

Rose-tinted nostalgia,

all around me has grown.

* * *

They’ll say I died of suicide,

but no one knows how much they’ve lied.

It wasn’t

a rope,

a blade,

or pills that

broke my soul,

& gave me chills.

* * *

I’m helpless,


a worthless mess,

A broken child,

he must address.

* * *

As each day ends,

and darkness draws.

The devil toys,

with all my flaws.

* * *

This silver blade,

stays by my side,

Because all hope inside

has died.

* * *

Scarlet tears

drip from each vein,

A vehement covet to end this pain.

* * *

Screaming, begging, calling out,

A final, frantic, desperate, shout.

* * *

Fire ablaze within my eyes,

A smile concealing all my lies..

* * *

The tears when fall like a stream of blood on my face,

only then would they remind me of your forever grace…

* * *

Is Heaven an angel,

or Hell a demon?

* * *

Concealing my tragedies in frozen tears inside my eyes.

* * *

Me, a lost, forlorn soul

was walking here by,

that I stumbled across a shadow.

I rejoiced,

extended my hand to it –

but it vanished.

* * *

Her fingers also got hurt,

from what she typed

and wrote to describe

her heart being hurt.

* * *

I fancy

a drink

while my mind

is being chancy!

* * *

Talent sprouts

like a fountain

even at a young age

on a mountain.

* * *


I love the taste of them!

They hook me

and I taste them again.

* * *

Lost between

two worlds

of today

and tomorrow.

* * *

Don’t be a slave of the naive! #monostitch

* * *

Stop the hurt

make me blurt

oh you flirt!

* * *

Her flickering long eyelashes,

glittering and glancing,

while pouring mascara tear rivers.

* * *

Legendary lovers,

caressing about,

under a palm tree.

* * *

I am a seeker

Of truth,


and justice!

* * *

Throw a dice

of sixes

to make some fixes.


* * *

Don’t play

with her shattered,

scattered soul.

* * *

Her pain made her into

A decolourised butterfly

transformed into a moth.

* * *

Like dew drops

on a lotus leaf

I vanish. . .

* * *


I entered the world

Barefoot I leave it.

My coming, my going —

Two simple happenings

That got entangled.

* * *

Gently our eyes meet.

Ocean-blue, wide. Beautiful.

Eyes I could swim in.

* * *

Flowers of love

Carry the scent of ocean within

And hues of passion in the heart.

* * *

Your breath in my ear

Fingertips tracing dragons

A beautiful dream.

* * *

shall I or shan’t I-

in depression’s overcoat,

all is blue with me.

* * *

Hatred ran hot

And then cold

As I stood on

The bridge with

A rope.

Last I jump

It’s a long fall

Though it’s the end

Of it all.

* * *

Hatred turns to

Depression as I hear of your hate,

Which leads to suicide

Notes with consequence.

* * *

Hatred mingles

With anger

When you say you

Love me but

It’s a lie.

* * *

Hatred blooms

As I hear of

All the things

That you did

To hurt me.

* * *

But I will fly still

Hoping that things get better

Hoping not to fall.

* * *

A black butterfly

Flies away searching for a home

But it won’t find one.

* * *

The black butterfly can find no love

In a world of bright and free

It always feels the chains.

* * *

The chains of anger

And of seeping depression

Butterflies can’t cry!

* * *

It is always sad

Never greeted with a smile

Black and

Beauty don’t mix.

* * *

A Black Butterfly

A black mist glides off its wings

It is all alone…

* * *