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Creamy dreamy moonlight

with its softening glow

transcends the stars

in its flow.

* * *

Stitching my wounded
in this midnight behold!

Am already haunted,

by my own shadows~

* * *

In darkness

I find blackness,

the blackness of coal,

devoid of flames. ~

* * *

Am a nocturnal creature



shocked –

yet not flawed! ~

* *  *

Like pulchritude,

my aptitude is dangerous!

* * *

Graves haunt me?

No, people do!

* * *

I used to

have a stroll

in a graveyard..

midnight, but alright.

* * *

Pills could not kill what was already dead,

A twisted soul,

an empty head.


* * *

I died inside so long before,

To live each day,

an endless chore


* * *

In darkness I wait,

in silence, alone,

Rose-tinted nostalgia,

all around me has grown.

* * *

They’ll say I died of suicide,

but no one knows how much they’ve lied.

It wasn’t

a rope,

a blade,

or pills that

broke my soul,

& gave me chills.

* * *

I’m helpless,


a worthless mess,

A broken child,

he must address.

* * *

As each day ends,

and darkness draws.

The devil toys,

with all my flaws.

* * *

This silver blade,

stays by my side,

Because all hope inside

has died.

* * *

Scarlet tears

drip from each vein,

A vehement covet to end this pain.

* * *

Screaming, begging, calling out,

A final, frantic, desperate, shout.

* * *

Fire ablaze within my eyes,

A smile concealing all my lies..

* * *

The tears when fall like a stream of blood on my face,

only then would they remind me of your forever grace…

* * *

Is Heaven an angel,

or Hell a demon?

* * *

Concealing my tragedies in frozen tears inside my eyes.

* * *

Me, a lost, forlorn soul

was walking here by,

that I stumbled across a shadow.

I rejoiced,

extended my hand to it –

but it vanished.

* * *

Her fingers also got hurt,

from what she typed

and wrote to describe

her heart being hurt.

* * *

I fancy

a drink

while my mind

is being chancy!

* * *

Talent sprouts

like a fountain

even at a young age

on a mountain.

* * *


I love the taste of them!

They hook me

and I taste them again.

* * *

Lost between

two worlds

of today

and tomorrow.

* * *

Don’t be a slave of the naive! #monostitch

* * *

Stop the hurt

make me blurt

oh you flirt!

* * *

Her flickering long eyelashes,

glittering and glancing,

while pouring mascara tear rivers.

* * *

Legendary lovers,

caressing about,

under a palm tree.

* * *

I am a seeker

Of truth,


and justice!

* * *

Throw a dice

of sixes

to make some fixes.


* * *

Don’t play

with her shattered,

scattered soul.

* * *

Her pain made her into

A decolourised butterfly

transformed into a moth.

* * *

Like dew drops

on a lotus leaf

I vanish. . .

* * *


I entered the world

Barefoot I leave it.

My coming, my going —

Two simple happenings

That got entangled.

* * *

Gently our eyes meet.

Ocean-blue, wide. Beautiful.

Eyes I could swim in.

* * *

Flowers of love

Carry the scent of ocean within

And hues of passion in the heart.

* * *

Your breath in my ear

Fingertips tracing dragons

A beautiful dream.

* * *

shall I or shan’t I-

in depression’s overcoat,

all is blue with me.

* * *

Hatred ran hot

And then cold

As I stood on

The bridge with

A rope.

Last I jump

It’s a long fall

Though it’s the end

Of it all.

* * *

Hatred turns to

Depression as I hear of your hate,

Which leads to suicide

Notes with consequence.

* * *

Hatred mingles

With anger

When you say you

Love me but

It’s a lie.

* * *

Hatred blooms

As I hear of

All the things

That you did

To hurt me.

* * *

But I will fly still

Hoping that things get better

Hoping not to fall.

* * *

A black butterfly

Flies away searching for a home

But it won’t find one.

* * *

The black butterfly can find no love

In a world of bright and free

It always feels the chains.

* * *

The chains of anger

And of seeping depression

Butterflies can’t cry!

* * *

It is always sad

Never greeted with a smile

Black and

Beauty don’t mix.

* * *

A Black Butterfly

A black mist glides off its wings

It is all alone…

* * *









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