Hi, there! Greetings from the core of my heart to all of you!

Thank you for stumbling upon my site! ♥

Zainab Sajid is a  17 years old girl with a Palestinian mix ancestry, but born in Islamabad, Pakistan. Currently dwelling near Islamabad, in a city called Rawalpindi; secluded in her own orb. She also holds the privilege of having been to many nations of the world.


She is a Blogophile (Lover of blogs and loves writing)/Bibliophile (lover of books)/graphophile (loves writing)/Astrophile (lover of Astronomy)/cyberphile(lover of internet and computer)/Anglophile(lover of English language)/sophophile( lover of wisdom)/ /xenoglossophile(lover of foreign languages)/ /melanophile(lover of black color)/metrophile(lover of poetry)/gnosiophile(lover of knowledge), etc! 😀

                              SHE IS ALSO A” Librocubularist”, SHE LOVES READING BOOKS IN BED!! She has read tons of books that the world even gets scared of touching, since a young age.

Her avid interest in writing alongside poetry, art, painting, music, philosophy, astronomy, psychology, sciences, research, debating, philanthropy/social work,human rights, environmental management etc,.began from a very tender age of 5. She possesses an utmost passion for writing, poetry, debates, knowledge, books, pens, research, psychology, foreign languages, literature, Gothic subculture and fiction, Metal bands, noble causes, United Nations, philosophy, music, meditation, sciences, and what not!


She is a Native English, French, German,Arabic, Punjabi and Urdu language speaker and also knows a bit of Pashto, Balochi, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, etc.  


 She has a flair for writing, currently working on her 2 novels “Broken Wings of a Shattered Soul” and “Bound Wings of an Invincible Soul” that are inspired by a true story. In addition, she has recently authored a Masters Level research and a book on poetry called: Book of the Soul by Zainab Sajid (you can google it).


🙂 She’s a college-level student but currently pursuing F.A. in humanities (Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, Urdu language, English language/literature, Pakistan Studies and Islamic Studies) at home privately due to her health and some personal problems, but is willing to join a university abroad or in Pakistan for her Bachelors in Psychology/Applied Psychology. So she’s a homeschooler at the moment. She also  survived  a year (2013 to 2014) in the turmoil of  Cambridge International AS level in Psychology, Biomedical and Foreign Languages subjects at RCI. Previously, she was enrolled in APS where she was the Head Girl and a High Achiever and completed her 9th and 10th grade (Matriculation) there. Before that, she studied classes 7th and 8th in Bloomfield, and montessori, prep, class 1 and class 2 in Grammar. The other missed classes she completed at her home, by homeschooling herself. She read tons and tons of books while she was at home, with a dicontinued education due to some personal crisis after class 2. 😦 But she did not give up. She continued her school education in Bloomfield in class 7th after staying at her home for so many years. She always topped in her every school.


She has a soft spot for animals and noble rights and social work. She is a well reputed member and a Youth Leader of United Nations International Youth Council and is the youngest person in its Pakistan Chapter – representing Pakistan on the international scene. She has a past record of tremendous social services including: campaigns for breast cancer victims in Pakistan, been on a post of Public Relations at “READ Foundation”, a nominee of “International Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award”,  taught more than 50 poor kids for free since the age of 11, did park renovation projects and even broomed, taught her poor servant girls ( whom she fondly called her sisters, irrespective of their black complexion, christian religion) and persuaded their poor parents to send them to school, and then they topped in their schools after learning from Zainab – she also taught a few poor Afghan refugee girls for a short time who did child labor by being employed as maids in her neighbourhood. Moreover, Zainab taught 5 to 6 of her classmates for free at her home, too. She is also a member of WWF (World Wildlife Fund) organization that aims to conserve the natural environment, habitat and animals, a member of Young Writers Society, Miss Literati, and what not. She has won numerous certificates and trophies and shields in debating and speechmaking. She is also a great motivational speaker when asked to offer a community. Zainab also was an Ambassador of the GIKI Innovation Summit’2013, and was a Medical Team Leader who represented her school at the “All Pakistan Health Awareness Conference and Contest” and won a shield as a winner from 2 doctors who were acting as judges; and surprising enough, her rivals were 20 ph.D students of Medicine – it all happened because of her idiosyncratic presentation skills and she was the ONLY female of her Medical team who lead 4 other males in her team “The Pinnacle”. She also serves as a beauty consultant for Oriflame Sweden products sometimes. And is a freelancer writer/poetess for multi-national companies online as well as offline, too. She also is applying as a teacher in a school for special children or normal ones.


 Zainab believes in freedom of everything, and is striving to concoct a world free of hate, slavery, acidified women faces, domestic violence, child labor, environmental threats, terrorism, rape, society pressures, corruption, stereotypical mindsets, illiteracy, etc. She wants to become a great philanthropist, author, poetess, public speaker, professor, Psychologist and a United Nations aspirant. Zainab does NOT refrain from telling the TRUTH. She wants to become a psychologist, researcher, famous author and poetess and a famous leader at the U.N. for World Peace issues and all other aforementioned causes. She is an ardent Muslim, as her name Zainab stands for “a desert flower that exudes fragrance.” She has a great, huge family with people in Pakistan Army, and other official vips and well-educated people in different sectors – but she believes that she has to become something “great” by herself, by her own self-made efforts and does not want to be famous because of her family, but because of her own “name and fame” and efforts. Medically, she suffers from cyclothymia, anaemia, low blood pressure, general weakness and a weak eyesight, but nothing hinders her from her dreams.


Indeed, it would be an unfortunate thing to overlook her ”spiritual life”, as Zainab is vehement about it. She is a Muslim, her religion is ISLAM, but she is also influenced by sufi mystics’ spiritual encounters. Also, she sometimes sees unnatural things and strong hallucinations and even is an expert at astral projection (takes her soul out of her body) to visit faraway world’s places or someone’s home. “It’s downright dangerous and mostly fun to be pious, as to see the extraordinary in the ordinary is a trait that has always healed my emotional, psychological and even physical wounds during my sorrows at such a young age”. She also loves reciting the Holy Qur’an in mornings alone, and prays 5 times, alone…


Her favorite colors are black, gray, white, blue, pink, purple, silver, red, orange, gold and pistachio. She also admires Metal Bands  (not Black Metal ones, but all others) and Rock Bands including: Lacuna Coil, Opeth, Iron Maiden, Nightwish, Nine Lashes, KRTS, and many more. She also listens to DUBSTEP, REMIXES,  Mozart and Beethoven’s compositions during relaxation intervals, particularly loves the sounds of flutes, piano sonatas, guitars, violins, bass, etc. She also loves cooking, and is still trying her utmost best to become a cooking wizard! 😀 She also loves creamy, milky eatables and beverages plus spicy, salty foods.


Biggest Turn On: Justice, Research, Love, Fairplay, Books, MEDICINE, BIOTECHNOLOGY, GENETIC ENGINEERING, Knowledge, Net, DigiCameras, Quantum Mechanics, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Information, Genius people, writing, reading, Edu, Music, Politeness, Leadership Skills, Reasearching, Novels, Vampires, Technology, Gadgets, Hairdos, Kota Koti, Dutch pops, Ice Creams, Pens, Textbooks, Social Butterfly, Twilight
& Harry Potter, cleanliness, charity, ,poetry, philosophy, SUFISM, sociology, Thinking Skills, Law, Politics, fame, Peace, Harmony, Dreams, beauty and brains, etc.

BIGGEST TURN OFF: Violence, injustice, being a slave to fashion, Braggarts, Corruption, Illiteracy, Dirt*, Show-off people, money hoarders, etc.



This is her 2nd ever blog and official site.   So, here she is. Hopefully, you people are going to relish every minute of devouring her juicy, spiced up write-ups.

“Writing and poetry for me, are a way to exhibit and execute my passions and my reflections of life in general. It gives me a sense of inner hope, triumph and also is very therapeutic towards my weaknesses. I write to inspire, to voice up my opinions in general, to be able to induce teens out here to relate their lives with my daily hassles as well as miracles. Writing is a creative endeavour, it uplifts my spirit (soul) to a level higher than the seas or skies or the galaxies. I write to express and communicate my emotions, in order to reconcile myself with myself. . . .” (Zainab Sajid)


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  1. gpcox says:

    I admire your intelligence and wish you all the best in your future. It’s my utmost pleasure to meet you, Zainab.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. freakreborn says:

    finally i find a blogger i relate to on a local level. Cheers 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nick says:

    All the best, Zainab. I hope that you find a wide readership with this new blog of yours. Best of luck with your studies, also.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ashish says:

    First of all good luck to you, Zainab and i hope someday you be a world famous writer. Loads of wishes to you for your future.God bless you.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Best wishes, hope one day you become the person you always wished to be. May ALLAH give you strength to achieve your goals.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Thank you so much for following my blog. Your “about” is so interesting. We have many interests in common but you are young with many dreams and I hope you will follow them and that they will come true! Keep your spirit! And good luck on your novels. May Allah bless you and your family!

    Liked by 1 person

    • zej96 says:

      You’re so very welcome, I liked your blog judging from your Psychology books section, etc.
      Thank you so much for devouring my “About” and for the time to comment on it! So sweet of you for the prayers~ Likewise! 🙂 And thank you again for bolstering my confidence! 🙂 Stay blessed! ♥


  7. Amin syed says:

    Best wishes for a bright future, may your dreams come true,
    May Allah give you strength n have healthy life.

    n yeah.. You inspire me.. Thanks 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Mani says:

    zainab u r somethng diffrnt,somethng Unique. U got talent Frnd 🙂 I wish u can have ya Dreams come true. My Best wishes r wid yew, 😉
    stay blessed Babe 😀 u gonna ROCK 😀 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Farroukh says:

    Zainab, just finished reading your COMPLETE bio 😊. By Grace of Almighty you have got some shear talent. My sincere advice, you can say, is that never ever lose hope in any stage of life whatever the circumstances may lead you to. Always try to become the reason for the happiness for the people who love and care for you. May you have a prosperous and contended life ahead.
    (its becoming too long 😉errors may be ignored 😉)

    Liked by 1 person

  10. zej96 says:

    Thank you so much!
    Glad to see your comment. 🙂
    Same prayers for you, my brother.
    And thank you for your kind thoughts, compliments and advice!
    I sure will hold the grip of optimism and hope, as they are the only things that keep our spirits alive and our heart beating~ 🙂
    Stay blessed!


  11. Dear Zainab!
    They are good for your writing and I am glad for your words.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Ahmed says:

    One can see the outcome of the seed that is being planted, you have already achieved those goals, It’s just a matter of flipping your beautiful pages now until you realize that you made those dreams a reality.

    The universe is fortunate to have you and I’m blessed to meet you, be confident of who you are and may Allah blesses you more and more =).


  13. My best wishes are with u good luck ,
    God bless you


  14. Reminds me of my youngest daughter who has a growing talent like you. I must let her know about you.


  15. hussain says:

    Hahaha hmm is me se kia kia sach he ?


  16. Saqib says:

    simply impressed from your achievements in this young age! girl you got talent, continue your journey of success. God bless!


  17. Fayez says:

    your awesome yaar good to know you god bless you.


  18. Your are amazing… I m impressed. May ALLAH (S.W.T) bless you with more knowledge. MA SHA ALLAH 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  19. Please don’t do anything rash. Your mother and the sensible world needs your talent. Be positive and eliminate feigned innocence. Be strong and ready for a new Pakistan under the stewardship of your hero, Imran Khan, and you will be safe and successful thus living up to suis generis Zainab Sajid!


  20. You are a spectacular teenager. Please allow those who want to see you succeed help you so you can achieve your goals. A collaboration of sorts is a good start, don’t you think?


    • zej96 says:

      Btw, I deleted my email id and public profiles as I want to focus more on my studies (academic department) right now, privately. 🙂 I don’t need people’s help, I want to be a self-made girl. 🙂 Thanks.


  21. Stay well, remain free, be elegant and enjoy your break!


  22. Ismail Muhd sunusi says:

    Nice of you


  23. If all the above information mention about you is correct then you are yourself an institute.A legend
    and extra ordinary living being.


  24. Nirvana says:

    It’s so great to meet another blogger from Pakistan. Nice to meet you, fellow writer and bibliophile! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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