This year, I commenced and embraced a novel venture to me – FICTION!

I am very well aware of the fact, that, I am a novice in the genre of fiction – but who knows, maybe I could be an aficionado in this genre, and enroll myself on the page of fame. But to be very honest, I do not deem myself to be the “best writer in the world”, like fiction – it may well be another fantasy or a daydream or a wistful wish of mine. But whatever is the case, I really do WANT to pen down one of the best, reputed fiction or – writings of any genre; including my poetry. That is for the public, my fair readers to gauge my worth in this métier.

In my very humble opinion, talent sprouts even at a very young age. God-gifted children do EXIST, prodigies DO EXIST. Age is, hence, just a mere number; a quantitative quality – not a qualitative. I do not know, which department do I fall in – but my mentors, parents, teachers, and many other well-known writers, poets, and other scientific people who are experts in their fields – they all agree that I MAY possess some hidden quality, a latent potential waiting to awake from its slumber, waiting to be sought after.

While, I do ponder upon the fact that, I have a WHOLE long life given to me to polish my natural flairs; but to be very honest, I do want to EXPIRE after giving SOMETHING to this world – maybe my writings?


Thanks for the read! Your comments below, are most welcome! 🙂





  1. mizzaaj says:

    Impressive Lines I like your spirit it overwhelmed me. My blessings are with you. 🙂


  2. mpqssza2 says:

    I believe in you, fulfil your potential, aspirations, dreams and ambitions, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! And one day you will be the best, I can feel it…. you have the natural flare. (“,)

    Liked by 1 person

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