Posted: July 21, 2014 in My Poetry!
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‘Ow, cr** and the police got me runnin’,

the black shades on my eyes,

the mascara tra la la ON! 

followin’ me

beepin’ up right

my black car,

ow I’m having a scar,

cause yo I’m a star!


p.s. this poem type short rap was composed by me when I was only 15. 😀 


  1. M@D M@x'X'x says:

    Let me tell you something you should have known,
    Imma give you a lil frown,

    Coming back from the days,I rapped,
    Imma insult you untill you don;t feel drowned, in your own sorrow, in your own pain, in your own misery untill this stains

    Well stop rapping, this aint kids shit,
    Go play with barbie or I’ll make you feel it,

    Free style free way, free your mind and get some brains,
    This world is tied chains, this you would never understand
    This is far beyond imagination, you rapping is self procrastination,

    Go to bed, I’ll lullaby,
    Well its time for me to say good bye…

    Stop rapping, Spare this world,
    Well its time for you to get out of ‘Fantasy World!’


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