The grieving lover

Posted: July 6, 2014 in My Poetry!, Uncategorized

Until we meet again...

Does it hurt you to care, does it hurt you to make me happy?
To say you love me, does it take anything from you?
Even though you do and say those things, it doesn’t change who you are
It doesn’t make things harder or easier for you

It’s not going to kill you to make my life a little better before I die
It would only enhance my life, make me feel I’m loved and wanted
That everything hasn’t been a waste. Do you tell yourself it’s worth it?
To give a dying person a little comfort, a little happiness
Even if I did have your love and your heart someone else gets the rest of you

I worry it’s all just empty words and phrases, told to relieve a tormented soul
Pain and suffering are my burden, pain for what I want and will never have
Suffering for…

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