Posted: July 10, 2014 in My Poetry!
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Long years have past when she was a mere child of two,
For these long years, she wanted a family that would last
For these long years, there was no one to dry the tears no one could see
She was nothing, just a shadow from someone’s past

She was found on someone’s doorstep, she was unwanted.
For 17 long years, she waited, just wanting to be loved.
For 17 long years, nightmares of rejection and hate haunted,
All she could do was wait, looking at the stars and wished

She was just an unwanted piece of trash, just a lonely orphan girl.
Questions filled her mind; Why? Why would they leave her like this?
she began to feel light head at the mere thought, her head began to swirl,
she never once felt the warmth of a loving mother’s hugs and kiss.

Countless times she dreamed of that perfect life, with a perfect family,
All she wanted was to live a life with people who care.
All she ever wanted was to be free to be happy,
But life hasn’t been, and will never be fair.

Life wasn’t easy when you had no home to run to,
Life wasn’t easy when you were an orphan girl,
Life wasn’t easy when there was no one to turn to.
Life wasn’t easy because I was an orphan girl.





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