Racist Microwave Buyer

Posted: July 12, 2014 in SATIRE!
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HAHA, have a look at these emails:


Original ad:
WANTED – Microwave
I am looking for a used microwave. WHITE ONLY
From Me to *********@************.org:

I have a LG microwave that I want to sell for $30. I am aware that your ad said whites only, but I am an African American. I sincerely hope that this won’t be a problem for you, and we can put race issues aside and just do business.

Thank you,

From Amy ****** to Me:

I am so sorry that you misread my ad. I meant the microwave should be white, because it would match my kitchen.


From Me to Amy ******:

Oh, so because I am black, you think that I can’t read? It really is amazing that the world we live in is still so racist. I’m sorry, but your insults have left me feeling sick. I don’t think I can sell my microwave to a bigot.

Sincerely offended,

From Amy ****** to Me:

I wasn’t suggesting that you couldn’t read. I’m not racist. If you read my whole email you would see that the ad was looking for a white microwave, not a white person. I changed the ad to avoid any confusion.


From Me to Amy ******:

So now you think that because I am black, I am too lazy to read your whole e-mails. Your racism is overwhelming. You will never get my microwave from me. I will, however, sell you a burning cross for your next klan meeting. Does $20 for the cross sound fair?

From Amy ****** to Me:

I can’t write anything without you being offended! I give up!

From Me to Amy ******:

So you don’t want the microwave?

From Amy ****** to Me:

Will you still sell it to me?

From Me to Amy ******:

I would never sell anything to a racist.

From Amy ****** to Me:

Ugh I’m done with you.


  1. Mckenzie says:

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