Posted: June 29, 2014 in My Fiction Closet
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My mother, who was carrying me in her motherly arms then proceeded to feed me. She did as she was told by that lady. I mean, I was wailing. Like a lot. It was my first ever day being alive. In this place, called the ‘world’. She did not opt for the natural method of feeding a baby, instead, she followed the directions given to her by that lady. Despite the fact that the milk given to the new born neonate comprised of many valuable and body’s defence fighting mechanism antibodies, that are good for the baby; to protect it from viruses or other debilitating diseases. Well, I am not aware of the reason behind this action, till date.

My mother was tan-skinned, sylphlike, young and also had creases on her face due to malnutrition. Poverty is really a killer, you know. My mother,  was in an inferior, cheap and a bit torn attire. She had this unique nose. She had this very polite demeanour, soft voice and was very sensitive at heart and also physically.

The other lady, however, was the complete opposite. The lady looked very rich or so, judging from her distinguished appearance. She, as I’ve aforementioned, was middle class affluent. White-skinned, and a proud possessor of soft and naturally linear locks that extended till her back. She seemed beautiful, I must say. A very elegant woman with a class. But no, I am not claiming that my mother wasn’t. My mother was, at that time, but who knew what’ll happen in the near future? What’s in store for me, a neonate at that time?



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