Twitter Lists – What Are They?

Posted: June 27, 2014 in My Advice Column!, Technology
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A Twitter List is a simple but powerful tool. Not only for you who built the list, but for others who follow you and have similar interests.

Twitter Lists – Why Use Them?

Many people have more than one profile on Twitter and each of those profiles are built for a specific purpose in mind.

I think the List tool might give me the reason not to. I am already on so many social media sites, connected with 100’s of people and following blogs, authors, writers and favorites, that adding another profile to Twitter is not something I am interested in doing.

I think this “list” thing might be just the thing to separate work, from social, from personal.

Why I Built My Twitter Lists;

Everyone is on twitter it seems, so keeping track of what they are doing can be done simply by following them. But the number soon becomes ridiculously high and begins to seem daunting and unmanageable.

I remember when I first signed up for Twitter I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to use it. It took me months before I realized that I actually WAS signed in. That little box at the top wasn’t something else I had to do to go farther in the site, it actually WAS the site.

Now of course, their format is copied all over the place because it has become so well known as a very quick way to send updates.

When I signed up for Twitter, my intention was to attract mega traffic to my website, so I started to follow all kinds of people. Don’t have a clue who they were, but I followed them! And I was excited every single time someone followed me back. Yea! I was getting close to 100. Then close to 500, and so on. Now, I am more selective and the list feature helps keep those I do follow a little more organized.

I find I use the list feature more and more as I get used to it. And I also find that I go to those lists when I am looking for something specific.

I am Listed on Twitter, Is That a Good Thing?

If you are being followed on a list – that is very good. What that means is that others who might decide to follow that list will then be following you. Smile because that is easy, added exposure.

I suppose there are some blackball lists you’d like to stay off of, but for the most part, being listed is generally a good thing because it gives you extra exposure.

It’s a numbers game you play when you are working toward an online revenue stream of any kind. Numbers, links, back-links, recognition and exposure. Being “Listed” on Twitter can be a very good thing when you are out here to play that game.

Do I Follow Them Back?

When someone adds you to their list you are notified on your home page by the number under “listed”. You will see numbers for: Following, followers and listed.

Deciding to “followback is always a personal preference. You must make that decision based on your own set of criteria, and the reason you are a part of Twitter.

When people follow you, it is not a requirement that you follow them back. You determine who you want to follow and why. And if you follow a list that is following you – yes you will see tweets from everyone on that list.

The same is true for lists. In most cases, if you are “listed”, you will want to find out who else is on that list. Following that list – if it is relevant to your business or your personal choices, is likely a good idea. But again, ultimately up to you.

. . . the one thing that should be noted is that when you follow a list, you are not “following” all of those people on the list. So your following number doesn’t actually increase. You get their updates, but you are not actually following them. It’s a way to “follow, without following.”

Why Would You Want to Build Twitter Lists?

Well, I expect there are as many reasons as there are lists. But the most common reasons that I can think of is to help make twitter a little less cumbersome. Creating lists can also help you separate the personal from the professional.

Lists defaults to “public” when you first start it, but you can mark your lists as private if they are for your personal lists – like friends and family.

Or your can use the Twitter List function in a more powerful way for your business. Typically, building a list on Twitter is good for business – it truly is one of those “win-win” situations. I have yet to find a downside to it.

What it all boils down to is this – Numbers. You build lists, others find them and follow them. You create more numbers for you, more numbers for them. You get listed, other people follow you that you might never have found before. Simply put – using the Twitter List tool correctly, and with a purpose in mind, is a good way to build your number of followers.




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