Football over Brazil’s Woes !

Posted: June 27, 2014 in Uncategorized

Impressive post!

Rearview Mirror


(This image is by Paulo Ito, which represents just one of many anti World Cup graffiti plastered around cities in Brazil. I believe this image to be in the public domain. It is featured on Street Arts Utopia’s Facebook page)

The World Cup is an amazing event, and the world is literally watching every second, every game, in the hope that their nation team does well, including mine. I have been entranced by the action in the early hours of the morning in the comfort of my own home, but not without some regret and guilt. I say this because for such a proud nation with an extraordinary legacy associated with football, not everyone in Brazil is pleased to have the World Cup circus in their country.

The cost of staging such a global juggernaut that is the World Cup is unbelievably expensive and many believe this money should…

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