The Meaning of Life

Posted: June 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

I love this! Poetry being uttered from the tender lips of a doctor! 😉

Bittersweet Pills

What is the point in burning oneself

To make a few wisps of smoke,

When the swirling gusts of smiling time

Will scatter them with a careless stroke?

Desperately, some meaning in life

It’s our vanity that makes us see;

Life is too busy in living itself,

To indulge your little fantasy.

Not that I know not that life

Is no more than what I can see,

Yet the mind keeps fooling itself,

That this cannot be all that can be.

No deeper meaning awaits your quest,

The rainbow ends in a place empty,

The leaden pain of a gnawing heart

Is all that your reward will ever be

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